Affiliate Program

Want to join our CraftZee Affiliate Program? 

Here at CraftZee, we want to bring a little more color into the world through many different fun and creative outlets, geared for all ages and skill levels. 


Here's where you come into the picture! We are looking to partner up with ambitious creatives like yourself to launch our CraftZee Affiliate Program. 

What's our CraftZee Affiliate Program? 

Well, you'll get paid 5% of the total sales channeled by you into our website. As a bonus, we could feature your tutorials on our website, providing you with more visibility and exposure to potential followers.

That's awesome! How does it work, you ask? 

  • You just sign up!
  • We give you a custom code and more info to help you get started. We are here to help you.
  • You place a link to the product you like on your class/website with a custom code. 

This one-time code will give your clients 5% off the product you recommend or anything else on our website. 

  • Your followers place orders on using your code.
  • You start earning 5% of sales, off the original price!

So, why does this work well for you? Besides for the earnings you make on each sale, you'll get hand-picked recommendations from us for high-quality kits you and your followers are bound to love! Now you can do what you love most: filming tutorials without worrying about source material. We'll do all the work sourcing, putting together and sending out each product. 

This is especially great for businesses doing parties or group classes in person. You earn more for each client that places an order through you, and they get a discount, too! If you want to sell products off your own website as well, that's great too. We would be happy to set up a dropshipping program so your customers can get our products directly off your website - without you having to do any work. This can help you expand your website instantly to feature a wider selection of items for potential customers.

Now for the most important question, HOW DO I JOIN? 

That's easy. Just click here.

You can start earning commissions within hours!

Want to talk to someone about our affiliate program? Email us at