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I was very impressed with this kit. It has everything a person needs to succeed in creating candles. As a former art teacher I have to say this kit is a good buy.

Frances C.

This product was exactly what I was looking for. It couldn't be easier to do and the scents are amazing. It's also a great project to do with kids. My girls loved making their own soaps.

Matthew R.

I bought this as a gift for a friend who has been wanting to make her own candles for a long time and she loved it! In this set you can make 4 different candles. We had a little party and we all made our own candles, which was a lot of fun.


Directions were easy to follow, everything neatly packaged and ready to be used! Vibrant color wax blocks and strong scented oils. I am a candle-making professional now!

Tina Turner

I bought this kit to use with my 8yr old grandson. It came with everything necessary to complete the entire project. Lots of fun and kids can do everything but melt the wax. I would recommend this item

Cynthia Bakenie

Excellent kit for beginners which we are. Supplies are all easy to use and well packaged. Gives one a good idea of how much they want to invest in this as a hobby or possible income.


Bought this for my wife for mother’s day. She has never made candles but is very crafty. She loved it. Very easy and fun to make your own great smelling candles.

Brandi Beaudry

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