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One of my New Years resolutions is to find a hobby. I would love to get into woodworking, but unfortunately I don’t have
a garage to work in or store my tools. Since woodworking is out, I’ll have to look around for other options, and this
month in the Toy Box, I’m bringing you what I found. Maybe you’ll pick up one of these hobbies, too.

 DilaBee Super Bath Bomb Making Kit
This handy kit has everything you need to make your very
own bath bombs. From cornstarch and epson salt to color
dye and scents, the kit gives you enough to do one session of
bath bomb making where you can make several bath bombs.
Although the kit does come with a bowl, you’ll need a few
more, one bigger to mix the dry ingredients and possibly a
few more to separate out what you need for each bath bomb
to mix in the dye and scent. You’ll need to work quickly so
the mixture doesn’t dry out in between bath bomb making, if
you’re working alone. If working together with someone else,
you can both be making bath bombs at the same time. $40 |
Craftzee DIY Candle Making Kit
This craft kit comes with enough to make four different
candles. You’ll need a stove and a pot of boiling water to
make these, so it certainly requires adult supervision. The
instructions even include the warning that if not done
properly, candle making can lead to a fire. The scents that
come with it are cinnamon & vanilla, lavender, coconut lime,
and cotton clean and the colors are red, green, orange, and
purple. You are also encouraged to make one candle at a time
so you can focus on making the best candle possible. $54 | Amazon
Draw Great Characters & Creatures
If instead of making crafts, you’d rather be working out your imagination in your hobby, this
book by Beverly Johnson is for you. The book has 75 art exercises for drawing comics in the
form of prompts with examples that follow the prompt. This isn’t a step by step manual on
drawing, but even beginners may be inspired to create all types of characters. Beginners
might want to check out How to Draw Without Talent by Danny Gregory to get their feet wet.
Draw Great Characters & Creatures | $23 | Amazon
How to Draw Without | $17 | Amazon

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